welcome to Maa Tara Institute of technical Education (Nursing)

From the Desk of Chairman

Resurgent Bihar needs educational explosion. Educational explosion with resultant employment opportunities will transform the massive youth power of Bihar into a working force producing all round development.

Health is the prime sector of human growth & this is possible only by proper individual, collective & institutional efforts to reach the goal of ideal health. Para medical and Nursing education is the soul of medical education. With industrialization, urbanization & sedentary life style the health of individuals are greatly impaired. Para medical and Nursing courses are the answer of all the ills of human disabilities & is the surest way to earn by rendering valuable services.

In days to come, with more roads, more vehicles, more accidents & more stresses the demand of Para medical and Nursing education is bound to cross all limits. National growth, National productivity, National defense & National longevity all are dependent upon a suitable health, which it self is dependent upon Para medical and Nursing institutions.